Business Recovery Plan – BRP

Every occurrence that may give rise to a business interruption situation is unique. Our Business Recovery Plan provides guidance to get our operation back in business as quickly as possible through a variety of possible scenarios. This plan is constantly modified as experience and need are recognized through actual application, practice, and use.

Three executives of the company make up a group designated as the “Key Decision Makers” for the plan. Our “Business Recovery Plan (BRP) Teams” have specific areas of responsibility and function. Each team is assigned at least two “Leaders” who report to and take direction from the “Key Decision Makers” through the “Business Recovery Plan Administrator”.

The plan also includes a contact information list for all of the operations’ vendors, support services providers, computer and communications systems providers, clients, and information distribution contacts that are essential to the organization immediately preceding, during, and following an unexpected business interruption.

The most important goal of our BRP, next to assuring the safety of our staff, is to provide essential services to our clients as quickly as possible after an event. Those include establishing phone service and internet connectivity to the various policy administration systems and access to our image storage system.

The next thrust of this plan is to bring all our service units back to full operational capability.

As part of our disaster recovery program MacNeill has purchased a 1750 kw generator capable of powering our entire building. This generator is kept on site throughout the hurricane season.

We have a dedicated, fully equipped, office area in our warehouse facility that can accommodate a portion of our Customer Service and Underwriting staff. This back-up facility is designed for short term interruptions and each hurricane season we make advance plans for relocation of our entire facility should our premises become untenantable for longer periods of time.

Another important part of our Business Recovery Plan relies on our two fully-equipped DRV units to set up emergency assistance sites after a storm or to provide for temporary operations if our facilities become impaired. MacNeill has a DRV fleet of vehicles that include two state-of-the-art motor homes, a Newmar Dutchstar and a Renegade Motorcoach, fitted with a satellite antenna, internet connectivity, phone communications systems and video equipment that can accommodate up to 20 fully operational CSR’s.

These DRV’s have their own generators, in additional to a separate 50KW generator unit that can supply power to them and/or the related equipment used in our temporary back-up facility, as circumstances may demand, for a period of 10 days without refueling.