Day Care

childCareThis program is intended for licensed Day Care Centers, Before and After School Programs, Sick Child Day Care and assorted other Child Care services associated with other organizations (hotels, clubs, YMCA, churches, etc).

General Liability Underwriting and Rating Considerations

  • Up to $1MM/$2MM Limit (Umbrella/Excess available)
  • Rated on a per child basis (average daily attendance)
  • Sexual/Physical Abuse Included at $100,000/$300,000
  • Errors and Omissions included
  • Overnight child care eligible for a surcharge
  • Swimming or Wading Pools may be covered for an additional surcharge for limits up to $100,000/$200,000
  • Prohibited operations: Unlicensed or unregistered centers not in compliance with state regulations, swimming pools not fenced with self-latching gate, trampolines, hired/non-owned auto, foster care, gymnastic schools and inflatable amusement devices

Property Underwriting & Rating

  • $2MM Limit
  • Eligible if less than 20 years old (submit older)
  • Rated per $100 value

Property Underwriting & Rating

  • Rate per $100 value up to $5MM In-house
  • Cooking exposures may be covered
  • Scheduled gas pumps and canopies
  • Property eligible if less than 20 years old (submit older)
  • If eligible, 20 percent Theft Sublimit available ($50,000 Max)