Disaster Recovery

drvMacNeillGroup1MacNeill, as part of its Business Recovery Plan, owns two disaster recovery vehicles or “DRV’s”, which are mobile units built and customized to operate as fully functioning offices and living facilities.  These two units are necessary, in our view, as we operate in multiple catastrophe-exposed states and, as we know from experience, it is possible to be impacted by multiple events within a short time of each other.

Our primary vehicle is a 45’ dual slide custom Renegade Motorcoach with a 10’ open area that can be used as storage or working space.  This unit will easily sleep 4 – 6 people and is totally self-contained.  In addition to its base features, it has been modified with additional water storage, network, power connectivity, a 16X35 foot canopy, and satellite voice/data capabilities.

drvMacNeillGroup2This vehicle is entirely self-sufficient and stays stocked with all the basic office necessities, i.e. printers, copier, laptops, etc., and as such is prepared to provide local claims support when an area is severely affected by a storm or other catastrophe.

The second vehicle is a 41’ quad slide custom Newmar Dutch Star, which is also a self-contained vehicle, accommodating from 4 – 6 people.  When both units are in operation, this vehicle will serve as the executive meeting and command post, while the Renegade will operate as the focal point of the day-to-day business operation.  This is aided by the use of two flat panel TV’s with satellite reception which can be utilized to maintain updates from the news and weather sources, critical in a disaster recovery operation.

In addition, we also maintain as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan a 2008 Ford F250 4+4 Crew Cab Long Bed Diesel Pick-up Truck, a 50 kw Cummins Diesel Mobile Gen-set (Trailer mounted) capable of supplying up to 10 days of power without refueling, and a iNetVu 1200 2-way high speed mobile satellite system. When both DRV’s are in operation they are capable of supporting a fully functional staff of 15 to 20 people.

Generator_011The most important goal of our BRP, next to assuring the safety of our staff, is to provide essential services to our clients as quickly as possible after an event. Those include establishing phone service and internet connectivity to the various policy administration systems and access to our image storage system.

The next thrust of this plan is to bring all our service units back to full operational capability.

As part of our disaster recovery program MacNeill has purchased a 1750 kw generator capable of powering our entire building. This generator is kept on site throughout the hurricane season.

We have a dedicated, fully equipped, office area in our warehouse facility that can accommodate a portion of our Customer Service and Underwriting staff. This back-up facility is designed for short term interruptions. Each hurricane season we make advance plans for relocation of our entire facility in case our premises become inaccessible or should the building suffer damage that prevents us from occupying our facilities.